Midi control change Control Room Cue

Anyone know if there is a midi control change command for cue levels in Control Room.
I am trying to set a fader to control Cue 1 level.

 var cueChannel = page.mHostAccess.mControlRoom.getCueChannelByIndex(index);
    var cueChannelBypassInserts =cueChannel.mBypassInserts
    var cueChannelClickPan = cueChannel.mMetronomeClickPanValue
    var cueChanneClickSwitch =cueChannel.mMetronomeClickActiveValue
    var cueChannelClicklevel = cueChannel.mMetronomeClickLevelValue
    var cusChannelLevel  = cueChannel.mLevelValue
    var cusChannelMute =  cueChannel.mMuteValue

You can find the gui based script in a similar hierarchy.

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Sorry you completely lost me here. Please can you help me understand.
“You can find the gui based script in a similar hierarchy” In simple terms what does this mean.
Also I can see you have a VAR for cueChannel.mLevelValue. I do not know what a VAR is.

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Thanks a million. Been messing with this one through Generic Remote.
Looks like this Midi Remote might really be something.

There are a few things that you can do in GRs that can’t be done in MRs, but this is not one of them.