Midi control of VST Amp Rack


I have a question regarding controlling the VST Amp Rack from a foot controller.

I bought a Zoom G5 and am led to believe that I can control the parameters inside VST Amp Rack with it.
All I want to do is control the Wah Wah and volume pedal functions in the studio, no live rig or anything too complicated (!), but for the life of me I can’t figure it out :confused:
As advised I’ve followed the basic instructions for Quick Controls but to no avail. I’ve created a Generic Remote … on and on ad nauseam - but to no avail. There’s obviously something I’m not getting!

The Zoom G5 works fine inside Cubase, that is to say, I can use the G5 presets by selecting it’s driver in devices and monitoring off the G5 … all’s fine there.

What I want is to be able to control VST Amp Rack’s Wah Wah and Volume Pedal functions with the Zoom G5. Can anyone tell me if this is in fact possible and maybe direct me to a link which explain how to set it up. If it’s not possible maybe some info on a cheap alternative controller pedal.

Thanks in advance.


And old thread but it would be nice to know the answer to this. It doesn’t look like it’s possible, which is a very glaring oversight. All parameters in any plugin should be assignable to MIDI control.