midi control on audio plugin inserts possible?

So I’m using Waves GTR 3 and I’d like to use it in cubase 6. I have a midi controller that I’d like to control various parameters of GTR with. In standalone mode with GTR I can right click a knob and midi learn it no problem. In cubase I cannot. I believe this is because it doesn’t give me an option for midi input on an audio track that I might have GTR inserted on. Is this achievable? Can you use a midi controller to write automation on vst plugins inserted on an audio track?

pulling my hair out. :slight_smile:


Hi Drew, its late m8, so Ill try & be brief
To answer Yes, u can m8, it doesnt matter if its an insert etc…should work just fine bro,…

what controller are you using?..I think it would be wise to map your controller to “Quick Controls” got to your devices menu to set up the assignments.

Then in your channel (audio track) select the quick control parameter you would like form the plug in …it will be labelled 'ins" you have to click that box, to open upi the rest of the automatable parameters…with GTR 3 there will be a shedload of automatable parameters…what you need to do is get quick controls working…& then write the automation…

OR simply use the proper Automation lane (and enable the Read & Write buttons,…Its easy when you get it…so I suggest you read a chapter on automation in the manual,as its a very important chapter , and one I suggest you have a browse thru for your own personal kudos :smiley:

All in all when you get the Midi controller setup ok…it should be easy from there m8. :laughing:

Discoworx’s method should work ok , controlling GTR 3 via Automation, but (from what you describe about using it in Standalone) you should indeed be able to control it via MIDI also…
Once you have placed GTR 3 as an insert on an audio track, its MIDI input becomes available as a destination for MIDI tracks.
So, create a MIDI track, with your controller as its input, route the MIDI track’s output to “[name-of-audio-track]:Ins. 1 - GTR 3 MIDI In”, and record-enable that MIDI track.

perfect. thanks so much to both of you. i think the second option will be a quicker way to assign the automation so i’m going with that for now, but learning about the quick controls was also helpful.