MIDI control only works in standalone but not in the DAW

Well the question is actually in the titel. Iam using Cubase as my DAW and I have an FCB1010 footcontroller. The VST iam trying to connect to my midi controller is the Archetype Abasi.

I can program the midi map and switch presets successfully with the program but as soon as I run the plugin as an VST in my DAW the plugin doesnt respond to any of my midi commands( and yes the controller is conected and visible in the DAW). I just cant figure out how to map those midi inputs correctly, I would be really happy if someone could help me.
I can also make some screenshots if its needed !

I don’t know if I’m posting this in the right thread but I got flaged on the VST thread and I dont know where else I should go.

If I understand your question correctly, when you’re using your plug in inside the daw, you need to use VST Quick Controls

Yes and I would like to use the VST Quick Controls but I can’t really find the setting to assign a certain preset to a button. The VST has a builed in Midi-mapping that works just fine as a standalone but in the daw there are only settings to turn on/off some of those pedals within the VST.

Ok I finally did it. The answer was easy but if someone needs help and fails in google search like me HERE IS THE ANSWER: MIDI on Cubase