Midi controler quantification


I’d like to know how to apply quantification to ONLY SELECTED midi controler events ??

For midi note, ok, if none is selected, quantification is applyed to all notes or to selected notes and no other.
But when I select midi controler events then apply quantification, it is applyed to ALL controlers in the window !! Not only the midi controler events I selected but all controlers and everywhere, just like if I didn’t selected any !! Why ?? :imp:
I’m wondering if it is not a bug. It’s incredible to still have such an issue on cubase 8 !!

How can one apply quantification ONLY to SELECTED midi controler event ??

:question: If you have the answer … Please, tell me :exclamation:

Thanks a lot.


Which version of Cubase do you have, please? It “almost” works on my Cubase 8.0.30.

When I select controllers, only these controllers are quantized. But, unfortunately, Thin Out Data is also applied for all other MIDI controllers in the line. But Quantize is applied only for the selected one.

Thanks, Martin.

I use cubase pro 8.

Yes… Thin Out Data or what ever !
Thin out data feature has the same issue : it applies to all, not only selected events.

Ok, quantize is applied only for the selected one but if it makes a mess in the rest of midi controler events, it’s unusable !
Those 2 feature exist since so many time and they don’t work correctly ! Makes me mad ! :imp:

Yes, I can confirm, Thin Out Data is always applied for all events (not selected only).