Midi Controller as Mod Wheel


im planning to buy a yamaha p35 or p105 keyboard for my studio because their keys are so much better than my previous m audio axiom pro - also im used to yamaha keys since my upright is yamaha as well.
the only problem i have is, that those keyboards dont have a modwheel and pitchbend , which is necassary for orchestra libraries e.x…
so i wonder what a possible solution would be…
i got a CC121 - could i use this fader as a mod wheel?

No, unfortunately not. It’s tied to controlling track faders only.

and another controller?

You should be able to use your Axiom’s mod wheel:

  1. Go to Cubase’s MIDI port setup (Devices | Device Setup) and define Yamaha and Axiom (only them to avoid strange kind of problems, which might come up when including unneccessary devices) to be included in “All Midi Ports”.
  2. Set “All MIDI Ports” as input for your MIDI/Instrument track.

yes thats already working - but i want to replace the axiom. its much too big to only use it for the mod wheel

Then easiest way is to get smallest/cheapest keyboard with mod wheel … for example:
Line6 Mobile Keys 25 (approx 35€ incl VAT here in The Old Europe)

Also … you could experiment if DAW sees your CC121 as a MIDI device (is it listed as one?) and reverse engineer it’s MIDI protocol (use MIDI Ox or similar software). In that case, if you have Cubase version with MIDI input transformer (is it the right term?) you may be able to map data from CC121 to Modulation data (not guaranteed).

yeah the 2nd keyboard option came to my mind as well - thanks
the CC121 doesnt support that - as far as i know.

while researching another option came to my mind:

Behringer BCF2000 - setting one fader for modulation and one for expression - is that possible?

AFAIK this should work very well. You should be able to teach BCF what messages are sent by which faders/knobs/buttons. And they even have PC software to make this programming easy.

alright thanks for your help