MIDI Controller, Assigning CC’s or Quick Controls?

Hi. I have just bought an arduino based 3 fader midi controller to be able to control expression, dynamics, vibrato. I am just unsure of the best way to work with it in terms of avoiding clashes in Cubase. I can configure the MIDI CC and channel for each fader on the unit itself.

I also have a Keystation 88 Pro and I am noticing clashes with the mod wheel on cc1 in some instruments. So as a complete noob on this, what is the best way to set things up so I am not accidentally affecting instruments I don’t want to? I am a guitarist and new to all this side of things.

I am using Kontakt and Spitfire BBCSO mainly, but would obviously be nice to use with other things if needed.

I managed to add it as a Generic Remote and then in VST Quick Controls, but not sure if this is what is causing clashes? Would it be better to assign the fader to 3 CC’s that are rarely used? Would I need to then just assign the QC each time?? I have search and all this is simply over my head at the moment. In an ideal world I would set the unit so that I could just use midi learn and then take control, play the CC’s in and off I go.

Thank you in advance and sorry for the noob questions.


What exactly does this mean? are these parameters controllable by specific MIDI CC? Or is it always different, based on the Instrument you use/load?

By sending plain MIDI CCs to the MIDI track, you record common MIDI data. Then it’s on the instrument side to interpret it. So either you are sending MIDI CCs which are assigned already, or you can assign the MIDI CC to a specific controller in the plug-in.

By using Track Quick Controls, you are sending MIDI CCs to Cubase. At every single track, you can assign the MIDI CC to a specific parameter. It could be a track parameter (Volume, Pan), any Insert plug-in or Channel Strip plug-in parameter, or any Virtual Instrument parameter (in case of Instrument track). So this is the most dynamic assignment, you can get in Cubase.

VST Quick Controls are similar to the Track Quick Controls. But they are assigned to the instruments parameters only. 8 parameters are always assigned to the VST Quick Controls by default. Of course, it might happen, these are not the parameters, you would like to control

I hope, this description helps.

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Hi Martin, that first question, it was meant to say vibrato! Freudian slip…

So, in terms of what I want to control, modulation (dynamics) is probably the only common one, with vibrato and expression being different CC’s on different instruments. Obviously I could use the mod wheel on my Keystation, but I want to control dynamics AND expression or vibrato at the same time by using the faders. So is there a way to assign a Macro to disable / re-enable the mod wheel on the Keystation? I could then turn it on and off easily in IC Pro on my iPad? That way if there is just one thing I need to control with a modwheel or using that and the pitch wheel I can?

In terms of setting up the fader box itself, would it be a Generic Remote and then delete the output assignments and have the inputs set using something like CC85, CC86 & CC87 which are rarely used?? Then I could use the MIDI learn function to capture the required parameter? Or use the VST Quick Controls and assign CC85->QC1, CC86->QC2 and CC87->QC3? I haven’t got a Template set up as I am still finding my workflow, so for now want to be able to just “grab a parameter” and use the faders, and I have read from people that a lot of instrument libraries in Kontakt and Quick Controls are hit and miss.

Thank you

Solved my problem pretty much, the Akai MPD18 was what was throwing out CC data from the fader.

My solution was to change the 3 faders to CC’s 85, 86 and 87, then MIDI Learn works perfectly