MIDI Controller Assignments won't work after restart

Hey, as I said, no controls work, despite they’re obviously still mapped in the Shortcuts and Actions tab. I have to learn everything again, after restarting.

I’ve narrowed it down to specifically MASCHINE Studio. The virtual midi ports (transmitting via USB) aren’t shown in the MIDI connections. VST live receives the MIDI data from Maschine, when learning, but won’t save the mappings, when you close the project. Also the MIDI monitor stays empty when using the MASCHINE.

Cannot reproduce (with other than Machine, maybe different issue).
Which controls did you learn that don’t appear after loading? Also note that Actions and Shortcuts are saved and restored with each project individually.

This is a bit complicated. So, when I use the AKAI, I can connect the MIDI in and out, and when I learned the mappings, they are being saved, as expected. BUT when I connect Maschine, I only get to see the “hardware” Maschine Ins and Outs, but not the “Virtual Maschine In” and Out, which transmits via USB. In Cubase for example, I have to use these Midi ports to use the Maschine Studio as a Midi remote controller. But in VST live, these ports are not available. The Maschine works, when its freshly mapped (Transport, etc.), but not, when I reload the project, or restart VST live.

Do you see MIDI data in the MIDI monitor, when using the Maschine in MIDI mode?
Which MIDI ports are you using?

No, as said, not Maschine.
For that you appear to take additional settings, can’t currently access Maschine.

Yep, I know. The virtual ports appear in every daw on my computer. just not in vst live. my settings are correct.

Which OS (Mac or Windows)?

I’m on OS X 12.3.1