MIDI Controller - Axiom Air 25 questions

Hi - I have a couple of nagging issues using an M-Audio Axiom Air 25 controller. I hope someone can share some insight or help.

First, the CC knobs - when I assign them to anything within Cubase, they “work”, but very unevenly. If I twist slowly, the target control responds VEEERRY SLOWLY. If I twist quickly, it jumps extremely quickly. Middle ground is hard to find. By contrast, my other controller (a Steinberg QC) responds quite predictably and linearly. Might this have something to do with MIDI smoothing? But in any case, it makes the knobs difficult to use for performance.

Second, the pads - Weirdly, SOME of the pads seem to have “Fader” associated with their aftertouch. It doesn’t seem to be all of them. I have reset to factory settings, so it seems to be deliberate. I can disable the fader (CC 7) globally, but then the actual fader doesn’t work, and I get “This control is OFF!” displayed on the LCD screen if I press hard enough to get aftertouch. I just want to make it go away - no Aftertouch effect at all on the pads. Can anyone help?


Hi and welcome,

Use MIDI Monitor (MIDI Insert) in Cubase to observe the values which are received by Cubase.

You can also use 2rd party MIDI Monitor application (MIDI-OX for Windows or MIDI Monitor for Mac), to make sure they work the very same way. Then you can say if the problem is on Cubase- or on the hardware side.

For the AfterTouch, again, use any MIDI Monitor to test, which data is really sent/received, please. Then we can investigate more.

Hi Martin.Jirsak. Fantastic idea. So - this is what I found using MIDI monitor. The Axiom controller fires out a “+1” change steadily as I rotate the knob slowly. When I rotate more quickly, the interval changes and gets much larger. Unfortunately, the amount of slow knob twisting to get 0 thru 127 is many turns. Not really conducive to performance or even recording. Faster twists are (for me at least) wildly unpredictable and not in the least smooth, so that’s also out. I think I have MIDIOx out there somewhere, so I will try that as well to see if the problem is the same outside of Cubase.

As far as the second problem (the pads) goes, this one’s weird. Using the midi monitor, I see spurious “Controller 1” messages for no apparent reason at all. And the fader messages (CC7) Come when I press on the pads or hit them hard. I think what is happening is that there is physical interference - pressure on the keys or pads (I have also tapped on the enclosure of the controller) can make CC1 pop out. And the reason for the odd behavior of the pads is that the fader is somehow jostled when I use the pads, and it is the fader, not the pad, that is sending the CC7 message. And no, I am not beating my keyboard or pads mercilessly!

So anyway, problem solved, I think. Thanks so much for the tips. I think I will try a bit of contact cleaner on the mod wheel and the fader - maybe they’re just a bit on the old side.

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I agree with you. My expectation is, some controls are moving on the hardware when you hard press the pad.

Hi, do you still have the axiom air 25? I am looking for the AxiomAirCubaseHyperControl.dll to get it working properly since m-audio seem to have deleted the last updates from their website…

Thanks in advance.

It’s ok, sorted it.

Latest file here :> M-Audio

Says its for air 49 , works with air 25 perfectly.