Midi controller doesn't work after coming out of windows 10 sleep

I am trying to avoid large sample libraries by leaving project open overnight while computer is in sleep mode. When I come back to it, it says the midi controller is active but it doesn’t trigger, midi activity indicator also shows nothing.
When I reload the project it seems to work again, but I am trying to avoid reloading all the samples

You should setup your computer for Steinberg recommendations and one of them is to turn off all sleep modes in your high performance custom power plan

yes - lots of hardware has issues coming out of sleep modes. It’s annoying but it’s really best to avoid it

although you don’t actually mention if it’s mac or pc ?

It is on PC.i do mention windows 10 in subject. I’ve not tried on mac yet. that will be my main DAW machine so hopefully it will work there

apologies :slight_smile: although mac/pc can have the same sleep issues

good point. i think i will put stuff that i don’t want to reload in VSL ensemble pro

Agree with the other posters that SleepMode is not recommended but have you tried un-plugging and re-plugging the MIDI device in rather than reloading the project?

yes. it does not make a difference

OK, worth a try. Different USB port?

Are devices hot swappable while Cubase is open now ?

I suspect not - but this is more an attempt to ‘wake it up’. It’s impossible to know if the controller has a hardware or a software issue with sleep.

Worth a try :slight_smile:

also, assuming it’s usb (?) , some usb controllers might work better with sleep than others - could try the whole process with a separate card - or even a powered USB hub if it’s the controller itself that doesn’t initialize on wake.

lots of potential workarounds


Are devices hot swappable while Cubase is open now ?

Yes, since version 9 or 9.5 I think.

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totally random link (2nd result from google search)

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Ahh thanks i missed C9

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if it’s windows then the power plan should be followed ,either your own manual one or Steinbergs Power plan , it’s always good to have all sleeps off

totally agree - just looking for alternative solutions for the original poster

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The Steinberg power plan does not disallow usb to sleep.
It’s better to make your own.
Well I haven’t checked C11, but the power plan has been unchanged for years, so I doubt they have optimized it.

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In one of my controllers sending midi I need to stop and re-start the configuration utility when that happens (while Cubase is open).
p.s. It’s not a classic midi controller, though, but an Elgato StreamDeck, which I have configured to send midi messages.