Midi Controller for Cubase Control Room

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like in almost every section in Cubase the control room functions are adjustable to a midi controller, too. What kind of of midi controller are you using to get the (almost) full function spectrum of control room like control of Dim, Speaker A/B, Metronome, etc.?
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Hi i repurposed an old trashed Beatsteps , for the control room , worked well and then …out came the MR , all the buttons still work as intended and i like the glow from behind but the encoders only work on certain things .
I have my
mixdown preset 1 and 2
Monitors A B C
Mute mai8n output from the controlroom
Reference level
Mix/ext main mix and headphones .

The good side is you can build pages if need be . I keep adding and removing things but these control room functions stay .
One that 's not available which was in the GR was activate pre roll .
The encoders do the listen levels but control room wise not a lot else but it saved buying a new controller .
I may make a controller just for the control room as i use these featured 100% of the time

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@Highly-Controversial , based on your experience, are the bindings in the new midi remote to be useful all together? I want to make a page with Control Room in my own script, but I have never worked with it, since I’m only using Vsts. But it would be good for other users I guess. So would it be nice to add all of them in a page?

These are the properties/events and functions I see:

Nope , nothing other than , select command and assign to the pad , beyond that i’m not delving into the MR


Cool, thank you!

So I currently think about to use the Elgato Stream Deck +, the one with the dials, to control the control room. But I am not sure if I want to spend around 230€ to do it :sweat_smile:
I like the option to use stackable functions for one controller.

If you don’t know this guy yet, I suggest to have look.
Cubase plug in for Cubase (Trevliga Spel)

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MetaGrid Pro could be an option. Especially if you have an iPad laying around.

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For iPad I love the IC Pro that Steinberg made. Works great!

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Ive been digging out old controllers too.
It would be a great resource if we could collect and share scripts for Cubase.

Yes, this would be great.
I found someone on ebay who was selling a Native Instruments Core2 Controller for cheap. Seems like it is still able to be programmed as a midi controller for Cubase.