Midi controller for Jog function?

Hello there,

I have a variety of midi controllers. Pedals, faders, switches, buttons, drum pads, dials.

Is there any way to control the playback speed with the position of, lets say the expression pedal?

A potential scenario… Midi messages are from 0-124… so lets say that the transport is in Jog mode except via a pedal instead of the mouse… controlled from the offset of a midi fader from center.

This would be useful to me because I could assign the expression pedal to control the jog speed and have my hands free to select and edit the waveform with my mouse. If I know that there are no errors in a recording, I could jog faster past those with an expression pedal… still listening to double check. If have a problem area in the audio, I can jog backwards using the pedal or put the pedal in the middle and select, edit, cut, delete, etc.

That would cut my editing time down by about 1/3rd simply by slightly increasing the normal playback speed during an edit pass so I can still hear and understand it, but it goes by faster and therefore takes less time to go through a whole recording.

Not currently possible, but good idea.