MIDI controller in Mackie Emulation mode - VST/i Preset/CC l


I just started using a BCF2000 in Mackie emulation mode with Cubase (and WinXP 32)

Everything works fine - but my question is -
When I go to the “Instrument” or “Insert” edit page - the BCF’s knobs are assigned to different “default” parameters (for example: knob1 - Mix (CC#54), knob 2 - Pan (CC#32), knob 3 - Release (CC#82) …and so on )

Now, I would like to change that predefined order so I have (for example) Cutoff on knob 1, res on knob 2, etc …
I am not looking for a way to MIDI “learn” or “Map” - I am looking for a way to change the “Parameter” order of the plugin …
(For example - NI massive is great because it lists the 8 Macro controllers as the first “parameters” and thus they are all mapped on the first “page” of the BCF knob controllers (in Mackie Mode)

This seems to be fairly easy with Mac/Logic, by editing the .plist files - see the vid starting from 7:45 - http://youtu.be/6cHy67TlUTg

Is there any way to do this in the VST ecosystem ?? (I couldnt find any relevant .plist files on my computer)