MIDI Controller Issue

Hi guys,
I’m new to Cubase on mac, I’ve had experience on PC but this problem is completely stumping me:

Using a Nord Piano through the midi input of Fast Track 400 on 2011 iMac - 10.7.2
The device setup is fine, all ports are there and active, there is definetly midi signal coming through as seen on transport bar. But no sound when I open up any VST. The VSTs sound when played through the onscreen keyboard so something is definetly missing between hardware and software.
I tried using the piano on garageband -fine, no issues whatsoever.
Oh and MIDI filters page is fine, nothing filtering except allnoteoff.

Any word?
I have the latest update of cubase, vts and nords latest os 1.44 for the piano.
Its really stumping me and not letting me start using this new rig!

Well seeing as you have experience with Cubase, you have already set the right input for the midi track and enabled monitor on it?

Thanks for the advice and the sarcasm! You’re right, oh wise one.

If I dare look in to your crystal ball again, the damper pedal doesnt seem to be functioning, again Garageband confirms its not a piano issue. Any ideas? I would be eternally grateful!