Midi controller keyboard

Hi, could I get recommendations for a good controller keyboard that integrates well with Cubase 9.5 using a Mac Book Pro.

Thanks for helping, Dave

You might offer a bit more info on how you’d typically use it & other preference info. Things like - size constraints (number of keys), do you want a bunch of knobs/faders/buttons etc. on it that you can use as controllers in Cubase. Piano or synth weight & feel. Do you want to be able to split the keyboard so you can play multiple instruments at the same time.

Any controller from a mainstream manufacturer should work fine with your Mac.


Thanks for responding Rodger,

I want 49 keys and up until now was looking at the M-Audio code and the Novation Impulse, leaning toward the Novation. Then I saw the Korg Taktile 49 and I like the idea of having Korg’s Sound Engine with 512 sounds… I loved my old Korg T3 that has amazing sounds. Unfortunately it didn’t age well and not in full working condition. I’m mostly concerned that integrates well with Cubase as far as mapping goes for vertical instruments and plugins.

I used to produce electronic dance music but have since learned to play guitar and sing so I will be combining audio with midi events and virtual synths… I just upgraded to Cubase 9.5 and a new Mac Power Book 13” . I still have all my old analog synths and drum machines and woul like to be able to use them too where and when possible.

Thanks, Dave

Unless you get something truly odd any of them should integrate fine with Cubase which will just see the keyboard as another source of standard MIDI data. I’d recommend getting the keyboard you like best in and of itself.