Midi controller knobs not resetting when new track is selected

I’m kinda new in this field but is there a way to restore midi values on a controller knob once I select another track in Cubase mixer?

As it is now, I stand on a track and lower it from 0db to -12db with a midi controller knob. When I move to another track and move the same knob just a tiny bit, it jumps directly to -12db. This tells me that it stores the midi data no matter where I am.

Is there a way to have it reset the information once I go to another track (and when I go back, continue where I left off)? I am currently using Arturia Beatstep (not pro version)

Does your controller have endless encoders, or do they have a maximum turn to the left and right?

How are you connecting to Cubase? via Quick Controls or Generic Remote or some other method?

Sorry, forgot to mention that.
Endless encoders and using Generic Remote.

ok - then next question: Are you sending absolute or relative positioning midi data from your controller to Cubase?

Maybe post a screen capture of your Generic Remote setup?

I believe I use “absolute”. I tried recently on “relative (1)” and nothing happened…maybe I need to do something in the Generic Remote window perhaps? Currently I have volume on the big knob on the Beatstep, which is also set to “absolute” (have tried other knobs as well just in case).

Doesn’t look like you’re connected through the Generic Remote mechanism at all:

  • Midi Input: Not Connected
  • Midi Output: Not Connected

What does your Quick Controls setup look like?

Oh don’t worry, I just opened Cubase to give you a print screen and the controller is not connected right now (not enough space on my desk).
But I only use Midi input, not output…if that should matter.

it contains lines I have no idea why they are there. I guess they where there from the beginning…?

Those lines are the defaults in the Quick Controls.

But make sure, you change in Midi Input in Quick Controls to “Not Connected”, so things don’t get confused between the generic Remote and Quick Controls.

Once you are connected to your controller in the Generic Remote, you’ll want to connect your controller both ways:

  • Midi Input
  • Midi Output

And then in the upper half, you’ll want to set all of the knobs to Receive and Transmit (under the Flags column).

Sadly, nothing changed…still the same.

Uncheck your controller in “In All Midi Inputs” maybe?

It’s “Pick up” you need, I would think.

Sadly I have no “pickup” under option in the Midi Control Center, only Option-> Absolute / Relative#1 / Relative#2 / Relative#3

Unchecked and still nothing

Midi Control Center? I don’t know that… I’m talking about the Generic Remote.

My bad, but where under generic remote would this “pick up” be located? Can’t seem to find it or I’m very tired.

It’s on the same line as Relative, but you might have a version of Cubase from before it was implemented. You don’t mention the vers you are using.

Yeah, I can’t find anything. I’m using Cubase 5.1

Later versions have it, maybe time to update?

yeah I think so XD

But so the solution to my problem lies more in Cubase than my chosen controller?