Midi controller low velocity


I just bought a midi controller (miditech midistart 25), and have just plugged it in and I am testing it in cubase 8,5 to control software instruments. But the velocity of the notes are so low (somewhere between 30 and 50). Is there someway to drastically raise the volume out from the midi controller so the velocity value gets higher in cubase? When I push the assignable slider nothing happens (although it says that it is assigned to volume control in the manual :confused:

Or am I supposed to raise the “input volume” of midi somewhere in my daw? (cubase 8,5) If so, where do I do that?

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Try a different velocity curve. It’s in the manual.

If you still don’t like the result check out the midi modifier tab of Cubase inspector.

Also, give a little wiggle on the mod wheel.

I have pressed the buttons for changing velocity curve on the midi controller, but I can’t hear much of a difference actually. :S

I have changed the “Vel. shift” value, on the midi modifier in the inspector, the sound gets louder, but it doesn’t change the velocity value off the notes in the key editor!

Sorry I don’t understand, how do you mean? :slight_smile:

Try opening the midi part, and see what the value is for the input velocity (should be just to the left of the “snap to grid” button) - might not be any help, but that was causing me some trouble on a project once.

The mod wheel (normally next to the pitch bend wheel) can get stuck and start sending information by itself - highly annoying and can take a while to spot! :smiley:

The same thing happens on my Korg K61 with NI’s Massive, the main slider is supposed to control the volume but does nothing, it could just be related to the instrument.