Midi controller mapping to trigger Cubase chord pads?


I have a MPK miniplay which has 8 pads and want to assign these pads to trigger the Cubase chord pads for a chosen scale, i.e. for C Major.
Pad 1 = Chord 1 C
Pad 2 = Chord 2 Dm
Pad 3 = Chord 3 Em
Pad 4 = Chord 4 F
Pad 5 = Chord 5 G
Pad 6 = Chord 4 Am
Pad 7 = Chord 4 BDim

The controller has left and right arrow buttons which I want to map to navigate the 12 major and minor scales (chord pads) and or navigate the 12 project root keys - does anyone know the CC commands for these functions?

Thanks in advance.


Open Studio > Studio Setup > Chord Pads. Here you can assign the MIDI Messages for the given command.

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