Midi Controller not being recognized

Hello! I just got a Pyle Pro PMXU67BT, and I’m trying to connect it to Cubase 13. I’ve figured out how to get audio from my computer to the PMXU67BT, but I can’t get the faders to affect anything. When I go into the settings and stuff, the PMXU67BT is not listed as a MIDI device, so I can’t make a program for it or anything. Does anyone know how to get Cubase to recognize the PMXU67BT? Is there a certain way it needs to be connected to the computer?

Hi there and welcome to the forums!

I had a look at your device’s product page and there was no mention of MIDI. Are you sure it has any MIDI capabilities?

No, I’m not sure. Actually, I don’t think it does. Thanks