MIDI Controller Pedal for VST FX?

Hi all. I would like to use a variable pedal to control VST FX like the wah wah plugin or some other VST FX/parameters. Does anybody know of a pedal that will simply output MIDI information without having to spend 150+ USD to get a bundle with tricked out pedal, amp software, etc.? I found some pedals today that have all kinds of bells and whistles, but all I really need is something that sends MIDI controller information. I was thinking something in the 50 USD price range.


well Google is always a good place to start.

Found this on first look.


Thanks. 2 things about that. 1) I did search around (as I said in the original post) using Google, checked zzounds, etc. and even went to my friendly family owned music store today to see if they had something but didn’t find anything but bundled packages that were too expensive. 2) the Eowave meets the specs and is less than the 150 USD options I found but at about 115 USD (71 pounds) it’s a lot more than I am hoping to pay (i.e., 50 USD as in original post). I will keep looking and checking out ideas from others on the forum to find out what they are using - if a pedal like this costs 115 USD then it does, but hopefully we can find something for less.

Still, I appreciate the suggestion and especially the sarcasm first thing Sunday morning.

Nothing wrong with a bit of sarcasm in the morning.

I would have thought £30 or $50 (US) would be a bit optimistic by one never knows. Good luck in the search.