Midi Controller Question


Everytime I open Cubase without the midi controller connected, I need to shut down the program and open it again if I want to use the controller. Is there a way to make cubase recognize the controller after it’s connected?


Also, is there a way to copy and paste automation?

I’m not sure about the midi controller, but if it’s USB then it must be plugged in first otherwise there’s no driver present and Cubase doesn’t have a rescan button (we’ve been asking for ages for one!).

Automation: I’m able to cut and paste… select the automation points, Ctrl-C, select a new automation lane, Ctrl-P. I think I usually press the L button to move the play cursor to the beginning of the automation point selection before pressing Ctrl-V, then it places it in the same location. Otherwise if I’m duping automation for choruses then I have to line it up some other way. Seems to work for me.


This is known issue. At the moment, you start Cubase, it check all your connected MIDI devices. After this, it is not possible to connect, and use different MIDI device, and refresh connected MIDI devices. You have to restart the Cubase.