Midi Controller Script for Novation Impulse 49

Hi Has anyone got a Midi controller Script for Novation Impulse 49 (WIndows) which I could upload please? .I have tried to create my own however been unsuccessful, it works intermiitently …not sure what I am doing wrong. Thank you

Have you created a script or a json using the mapping assistant?
Mind posting it here so we can have a look?

Hi Mchantzi
Thank you for responding.
It would appear that I have created a json
I attach the script for your review. I have been able to map the transport bar ( stop start etc. ) However unable to map the volume faders or the control knobs?
Hope you can help.
Thank you

Novation_Impulse 49.midiremote (5.37 KB)

Hi, I’ve opened the file and I see that the midi CC messages for the faders are a bit strange. I mean, for the first fader you’ve set cc 3, then for fader 2 cc2, fader 3 cc12 (!) and the list goes on with cc messages not in a straight line. Maybe you have setup your controller this way, but it seems strange.

In this case, and just because I can’t be sure of what is really going on here, I would go for completely removing the remote (Studio->MIDI Remote Manager->Scripts-> [Select Impulse 49]-> Delete script. Then you can design it from scratch.

As a side note, you have set your first fader to the selected track’s volume, not the volume of track 1.

hi…thank you so much for your suggestion. I deleted as you suggested and started again. I attach my my new script. If you would be so kind as to check it over - I would appreciate it. Thank you
Novation_Impulse 49.midiremote (7.0 KB)

Hi, sure.

Now I see the midi CCs in a much better order, so I have to suppose they are correct.
The only error I see is that you assigned Fader 4 to Volume of the 7th track. Please change it to the volume of 4th track. Other than that, I don’t see any problems. Isn’t it working for you?

Hi Thank you so much - I would have missed that., fader 4 is now assighned to track 4 volume.
I tried to assign one of the pads to “edit instrument” however I found I lost sound from my C3 key of my keyboard? Guess they share the same CC number? Anyway I deleted it., rather have the note sound when I press the key!
Thank you for your help.
best wishes

Yes, this is because your pads are assigned to notes. Reading the manual, I saw that you can alter their messages to CC instead of notes, if of course you don’t need your pads for finger drumming.

Hi thanks for the info about the pads… now I understand!
Along with reversing the assignments of the pads Im also trying to reverse my assignment of the pitch wheel from opening instrument to being a pitch wheel again. Any thoughts on that?
After the pitch wheel is back to normal I shall leave well alone!:wink:
The faders will be set
The transport will be set
The rotary knobs will be set to quick controls
The solo buttons will be set
I’ve learned alot thanks to you.
Once again my grateful thanks

Hi GVA is there a way that you can send me your script for the Novation Impulse 49? I have tried several times, for several months at a time, at making my own script but. I have been completely useless at making one the works with my Impulse. If you can allow me to use your script I can move on to creating music and not continuing to fale at trying to make a musical keyboard of a piano, that I use to try and make music.
Please and Thank-you

Hi… sure… no problem… happy to help.
In away for the weekend so will send early next week.

When ever you get the time to send over your script for the Novation Impulse 49, I will really appreciate this. Just waiting for your reply.


Sure… haven’t forgotten!

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Hi there…as promised please find attached the midi script I created for the Novation Impulse 49.
Although clearly I’m unable to offer any guarantee, I hope it works for you too,
Let me know how you get on

Novation_Impulse 49.midiremote (7.04 KB)

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Thank you!
It is true what goes around comes around.