MIDI Controller Surface Editor <-> Javascript?

Is there any way to go back-and-forth between the GUI editor and the underlying script, or do I have to decide at the outset whether to use Javascript or the GUI tools (the Surface Editor and the Mapping Assistant)?

I’ve done a quick proof-of-concept using the Surface Editor, but now I want the control of Javascript. Do I have to start from scratch again? It would be really useful and time-saving to be able to at least export the cooordinates of the objects and their types.

If I create the surface in the editor, I can only export it in what seems to be a proprietary binary format “.midiremote”. I see the “.json” file in the scripts folder, but that doesn’t help much, although I can find the coordinates.

Hi @MrSoundman,
There’s no translation between the two Script formats (JavaScript + JSON). But I suspect parsing the JSON-file with a NodeJS or Python Script shouldn’t be too hard. The surface elements can be simply identified as they all have coordinate properties. But you’d have to develop that yourself, we don’t have plans to do that atm.