MIDI Controller Surface script AKAI MPK225

Hey, bought a used AKAI MPK225 for use with my iPad. Still figuring things out but was wondering if someone has a custom MIDI script for Cubasis 3 and is willing to share? Thanks.

Hi @Spiritos

To learn more how to use MIDI Learn with Cubasis, please check out the tutorials below.


MIDI Learn, Mackie Control and HUI Protocol Support | What’s New in Cubasis 3.3

Cubasis 3.3 Update - Midi Learn, Multi Out, Sidechain (provided by MobileMusicPro)

Cubasis 3.3 Midi Learn (In-depth video) (provided by Pack_Bravoo)

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Hey, thanks. I definitely need to learn how to map my MIDI controllers (AKAI MPD218 and MPK225) and I’ll study these videos. Just thought someone might have some scripts for Halion or so as the MPK225 Cubase setting (obviously) doesn’t work for Cubasis.