MIDI Controller with motorized faders

My first thought was to use global layers. At least for volume and pan I got it to work with “action and shortcuts” and “layer controller map” that the faders move with the slider/knob and vice versa. But on the layers of a part only moving the slider with a fader works but not the other way. Is there an other way to connect UI controls and MIDI controls to work in both directions on part level or mixer? Aim is at least to get an initial setup of the faders when selecting/triggering a part.

MIDI feedback as is needed for motorized faders are on our list, currently not yet possible in VST Live w/o external tools, sorry.

I’m glad to here, that its on your list. What external tools do you mean as workaround?

Nothing particular. If you send MIDI there might be tools to split it into multiple messages.

Ah ok. As a workaround I use a MIDI track to set the faders. Its not that user friendly and error free, but it works for me.