Midi controllers can't "learn" plugins (knobs, faders..)

Hello, i use different midi controllers but they can’t “learn” anything of plugins (knobs, faders…).
I activate “learn” on many different plugins but nothing happens when i move a fader or a knob on my midi controller.
What can i do to fix this?

Please help me

If you are using the built in learn functions of a Plugin, then ensure that the Midi controller is set as the input for that track so that the CC messages are transmitted.

If the track is set to All MIDI inputs then ensure that your controller is included in the ‘All’ group via the studio setup screen.

One other thing, which controller do you have? It’s possible that you may be using something which is using its own protocol (I. E. Native instruments Komplete controllers, Mackie/MCU compatible controllers etc.)… At which point standard MIDI cc messages won’t be sent out as its captured.

If this is the case then you need to see if it offers a MIDI mode, which will send out preconfigured cc data.

Thank you for your reply,

I use “Arturia Keylab Essential 88”, i try all your information, but nothing happens and i cant figure out what i have to do in “Studio Setup” window (Midi, Track Quick controls, Vst Quick controls) to fix the issue.

Why is it so complicated?

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It is not complicated at all. :slight_smile: - it is simple and straight foreward.

  1. In the Studio Setup you select “MIDI” and see if your aturia midi ports are checked to be part of the “all midi inputs”.
  2. The instrument- or miditrack you are using to play and control the VSTi has to be set to “all midi inputs” as its source.
    That’s it.
    BR, Ernst
    PS.: Track QC and VST QC have nothing directly to do with what you want to achieve, but could also be a way to control the VSTi. All this is very comprehensively eplained in the manual and online help. Don’t expect to get into cubase deeply without reading or viewing Youtube tutorials. this is not for “smartphone gamers” (I am NOT saying you are one!)
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Which method are you trying to achieve? Mapping direct to VST’s or using the in-built quick control system of Cubae?

For VST Quick controls - just go to the VST Quick controls section in Studio Setup, pick your MIDI interface as the input and then click the first control item, tick the ‘learn’ box and turn a knob.

Then move to quickcontrol2, and turn second knob, quickcontrol3, third knob etc. etc.

Then your controller should be mapped to the VST Quick control parameters. This is the most flexible way of mapping to instruments, and you learn the parameters to the quick control rack in the VSTi sidebar (on the right).

You also get pages in the VST quick controls, but crazily there’s no way of changing pages via a midi controller so you have to do it with mouse. - Annoying! :confused:

With the Arturia controllers they also have an MCU mode, so you may be assigned to that mode if you currently have control of the mixer faders and pans? - Did you set it up in this way?

If that’s the case you need to swap to MIDI mode on the controller to be able to make manual assignments.

And yes i think the current system is really quite cumbersome and somewhat limited for a modern DAW, rumours are this will be addressed in the next major update though (C11.5).