Midi controllers in Cubase 12, any info?

Has any information come to light clarifying if you can use a higher count of midi controls, and without track focus? I want to be able to mix digitally, I’ve got a 72 knob controller but both needing to focus on the track and being limited to 8 per track makes this impossible (A focusrite has like 10 knobs alone on it).


No one is allowed to make any statement before the official release.

You can already target on specific plugins on specific tracks using the generic remote system, best used in conjunction with templates as it keeps the tracks and plugins consistent. Any movement of tracks or plugin locations can break the links. (See below as Martin has explained).

I’ve mapped an entire BCR2000 before, including it’s 4 pages of top row rotaries, and that must have at least 72 controls. I could control EQ and compressors on Track 5 when I had Track 1 in focus, for example. And the rotaries would also all receive feedback for the LED positions.

Example here, I’ve added two retrologue instruments on track 1 and 2 , with an EQ on Retrologue 2 and you can see I get direct control for any hardware parameter registered:-

My ‘P1’ control is controlling cutoff on Track 1, My ‘P2’ control is controlling cutoff on Track 2, and my ‘P3’ control is controlling a frequency on StudioEQ plugin which is part of the retrologue2 (Track 2) inserts.

I’d imagine the main improvements in C12 is being able to contextually map the same set of controls to different elements, with the ability to page through banks of mappings. Not sure it’s strong point will be the additional ability to map outside of the focused track. But who knows at this point!? :slight_smile:


Not really. It’s not on the specific plug-in and the specific track. Generic Remote works in sense of slots. So it’s plug-in slot X and track slot (track nr.) Y. So if you move the plug-in to other slot, it won’t work anymore. Same if you move the track to other slot (or add a track ahead of this track), it won’t work either.

Of course, hence why I said it works best with templates as it keeps consistency.

I was explaining that you CAN do it now, and that it’s possible to target specific plugins on specific tracks - which is ultimately their aim and a more helpful response.

I’m presuming generic remote will exist in C12, too. I don’t think that should be any guarded secret?
…if it is removed, I’m buying a truck load of popcorn! :slight_smile: