MIDI controllers showing activity in Cubase, trigger chord pad, but don't work with VSTi's

After 20+ years of working in the Cakewalk world, and 15 years of forced ProTools I’m switching to Cubase. 2 nights in I’m ready to throw the computer out the window lol.

Im trying to setup my midi controllers, and I must be missing something. I can see them, I can see MIDI activity on the meter, I’ve selected them as the input on the instrument track, but they’re not working (i’ve tried several, all getting the same results and all are working in sonar and PT). In the plug-in i get no sound and see no midi activity. If i switch over to the chord pad it works on both input modes, i can see activity on the plug ins, and can record midi data. switch off the chord pad though, and it quits working.

What am i missing?


How is the Studio > Studio Setup > Chord Pads > Chord Pads > MIDI Input set?

How is the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter > Record setup? Isn’t there MIDI Filter enabled?

Make sure, you don’t filter the data by using MIDI Input Transformer, please.

Make sure, the Instrument track is Record enabled, please.

You sad, you can see MIDI activity on the meter. What meter exactly do you mean? The MIDI In Activity in the Transport Bar/Panel, or the meters on the track (what is actually Audio Return meter)?

Some screenshots might help.

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You are a blessing!

I’m looking for the chord pad midi input for a few hours…