Midi-Controlling guitar rig 5 in cubase

I am new with Cubase (Cubase 7 Elements). I want to use softsynths in Cubase and modify the sound with guitar rig (realtime, with a midi-controller-foot-pedal).
I used the insert-slot to integrate guitar rig. It works.
But it is not possible to use the guitar-rig-midi-controller. If I choose Midi-Learn and move the pedal, there is no reaction.
What is the easiest/best way to midi-control guitar rig in cubase?
Because I am a beginner, a step-by-step-description would be great!

Using guitar rig 5.2 and CB7.5 (and earlier versions of both) you have to add a midichannel and have it listen, midi in to the controller, and have its midi out to the guitar rig audio track

(EDIT: just seen gkruse’s reply, which is of course the right answer :wink: )

OK… it looks like you have done everything correctly so far :wink:
But now, you need to create a 2nd MIDI track, with your desired MIDI controller as its input, record-enabled (at the same time as the track for the soft synth), and route this 2nd MIDI track’s output to the MIDI input of Guitar Rig (you should see it available at the very bottom of the dropdown list of available MIDI destinations for that MIDI Track).
So now, when you operate your external MIDI keyboard and/or MIDI controller, you are sending MIDI to both the soft synth and to Guitar Rig.
Btw, to avoid a horrible MIDI loop (and probable freeze), make sure that the Input to each of these tracks is set to the appropriate output of your external keyboard and/or MIDI controller, and not the option, “All MIDI Inputs”.

It works, thanks. But I only use one Midi Track to control the guitar-rig-insert in the softsynth-track.
I do not need a midi-track for the softsynth itself, or?

How did you create the softsynth?.. is it in fact an Instrument Track (Project Menu>Add Track>Instrument>dropdown list)? Or did you add it to the VST Instruments rack, and it is a “regular” MIDI track that is feeding it?
In either case, you have this original track, which feeds the softsynth, and you"ll need the 2nd (regular) MIDI track to feed MIDI to the Guitar Rig MIDI input, because (in Cubase Elements, at least) you can only output MIDI from a track to one destination (or directly to the softsynth, if an Instrument track).
(For info, in the full version of Cubase, a MIDI track can also have 4 auxiliary, and independent, MIDI destinations (Sends).)

“Project Menu>Add Track>Instrument>dropdown list”

That is the way, I did it:
Track 1: Midi Track (-> influencing the guitar-rig-insert)
Track 2: Instrument Track (with Guitar-Rig insert)

Is that right? Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately, I am not a native speaker…

There is no right or wrong. Both ways work. The Instrument Track / MIDI Track solution is probably a little simpler and more ‘tidy’. The two MIDI Track solution with the VSTi in the VST Instrument Rack may be slightly more complex but give more routing flexibility. I can not say for certain, but since Instrument (T)racks, I don’t think the Instrument Tracks have any routing limitations.

That is all fine (and so is your English :wink: ).
So the only thing you should need to do, is make sure that both those tracks are record-enabled (or at least, monitor-enabled).

Instrument Tracks still don’t have MIDI Sends, and (for example HALion 5) cannot choose amongst the available Input ports (e.g. if you have HALion 5 as a Rack instrument, you can set the MIDI track to access any one of its four input ports).

Thank you very much. It works. :slight_smile:
Perhaps one last question (if one of you know something about guitar rig).
Is it possible to save rack-settings WITH the midi-controller-settings.
I thought, both would be saved; but if I load the rack-settings in Cubase, the midi-controller-settings (I did in another DAW) are lost.

Thanks Vic!
I forgot about the MIDI sends and ports. Those are perfect examples of things that are more complex but, perhaps, unnecessary for many users (such as myself, at this point, anyway…) :smiley:

Certainly, as regards Input Ports (for complex stuff like that, we’re better off with the Rack)… although… interesting… once you have created an Instrument Track using such a VSTi, you can in fact access its other input ports as inputs to a 2nd “regular” MIDI track.
However, I still think that MIDI Sends ought to be available in Instrument tracks.