MIDI Copy/Paste Produces "Ghost Notes" In Tracks

When copying/pasting MIDI tracks - for example, a repeated verse or chorus, I’m getting overlapping (sometimes duplicate) “ghost notes” in the tracks when I’m editing the MIDI. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, please tell me if you know what’s going on and how can I stop them from happening? I’ve attached a screenshot. Thanks!

yes I get the same…I solve it by editing my events so they don’t overlap :wink: I know there is something called deleting overlaps in the midi menu, maybe that would help you but I not quite sure what you want to achieve? do you want the overlap to happen but not the muting of the notes?

Can you post a couple more screenshots and make sure that the entire Info Line is visible.

  1. With a “ghost” note selected
  2. With a regular note selected

Here are the two screenshots requested. Thanks for your help!

On your Bass Track try expanding the Lanes and see if your regular and ghost notes are in different Parts stacked on each other.

Removing the clips that appeared to be blank fixed it. I’ve attached several screenshots. I hope that is something that can be addressed in a future release. Again, thanks for your help! It’s very much appreciated!