MIDI Cycle Record Request

Feature Request: Make MIDI Cycle Record mute all previous takes like with audio! I wonder why this hasn’t been addressed for… ages? Why can’t it behave like audio, where cycle recording actually mutes previous takes? I welcome the ability to merge or replace (merge was all the hype when I started with cubase like 35 years ago, and the de facto way to create beats, layering something in each pass!) but why can’t we have a real “ mute previous takes?”??

Isn’t this the “Stack” mode in midi cycle recording?

Yes, but previous takes aren’t being muted! Hence the request.

But… They are muted in my setup. Not sure if there is a preference I’ve forgotten about, but I had to guess this is the normal.

Ah, maybe you’re talking about takes NOT in the same cycle? I was referring to muted parts while cycling in the same record action.

Oh… well, in my setup it has always behaved like this, in fact in any system I’ve had, and I think I covered all options in preferences… the manual itself is not explanatory on how to achieve this. What interface are you using?

No, actually about takes in the same cycle, yes

I should rephrase “takes” with, obviously, LANES.

I’m using just the “stacked” as seen in this screenshot:

And it clearly stated that previous parts are muted.
I really don’t know, maybe you mean something else, note that I’m not an experienced user.