MIDI data opens in the editor from the beginning instead of where you have the cursor


Whenever I open the Midi editor the editor focus its view in the beginning instead of where I have the cursor. However, if I move the cursor in the project while the Midi editor is opened, it moves correctly.

I think that when you open a MIDI editor the view should be focused where the cursor is, and not at the beggining of the Midi data.

When I want to switch between MIDI data to edit CC, I have to locate first the cursor all the time, which is a waste of time.

Besides, you can have a key shortcut to go to the beginning of the MIDI DATA (You could use the start and the end keys for that purpose, or the advance page).

I think it’s an issue, but it maybe is the way it is designed, in that case you should reconsider modify this behaviour.


I have a feeling it’s like this since ever. My workaround was to press F (Auto-scroll) double-times to jump to the cursor. Later on I made a Macro to Open Key Command, Disable Auto-scroll, Enable Auto-scroll. I assigned a Key Command and it worked.

But now in Cubase 10.0.30 it works to me without this workaround. The playhead cursor is always in the middle of the screen, when I open a Key Editor (and the cursor is in the MIDI Event range).