MIDI device (akai mpk mini mkii) unable to separate drum pads and keys


I’m a real newcomer to this area so bear with me. :smiley:
I recently bought the akai mpk mini mkii as my first MIDI device without any previous experience.
Now I got far enough to connect the device to Cubase (Elements), but I have no idea how to connect separate instruments to the pads and keys.
My idea was to be able to play melodies on the keys with the option to play a beat on the drum pads.

If any other info is needed I will gladly provide this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

This is on the hardware (AKAI) side. The device hat so send the MIDI data from the keyboard on other MIDI Channel than the MIDI data from the Pads. If it is like this, most probably MIDI Channel 10 is used for the Pads.

Then you can use Input Transformer in Cubase (Pro only) to filter out MIDI data of MIDI Channel 10 on one track (where you want to record from the keyboard) and filter out MIDI data on MIDI Channel 1 on the second track (where you want to record from the Pads).