Midi Device Manager external synths not working

I setup my Midi Device Manager for my Roland V-Synth GT and Integra7 exactly as I had in C7.5. I’ve checked the settings several times. I haven’t been able to get the external synths to respond on either the MDM track or corresponding audio track. I’ve had no problems with 7.5 or earlier versions getting this to work correctly.

NOW; I discovered if I Simply create a generic midi track, (not an external instrument track) and assign it to either the V-Synth or Integra midi out, it works.

Does the MDM create functional instrument tracks for any of you? If so, is there something different in V8.0 far as set up is concerned?

Make sure you external connections are setup properly as one of my external instruments keeps forgetting the setting of my interface

I’ve had that problem, but I always checked to make sure the connections were corrected. So, have you been able to get external instruments functioning using the instrument rack?

Yes , all my external instruments are working as they should :wink: