MIDI Device Manager forgets MIDI connections

I have been using Cubase 7 and recently installed a trial of Pro 10 because I read the following from the Cubase 10 Version History document implying that the longstanding issue I have with the MIDI Device Manager forgetting the MIDI connections if the external device or interface happens to get disconnected at some point has now been solved, but it appears to be just the same:

CAN-22272 “An issue has been resolved where the MIDI Device Manager would not automatically reconnect to external MIDI ports.”

Has anyone got a configuration that reconnects the external instruments?



Are you on Mac or Windows? Which MIDI Port exactly is connected, please?

Hi, I have a Mac running High Sierra 10.13 - the latest that I can get working on my computer!

It affects any of the MIDI ports. I have 4 external instruments, 3 have USB MIDI connections, and an older one uses my Fireface 800 as a MIDI interface.

If any of those or the MIDI interfaces become disconnected, then the MIDI Device forgets the connection it had been assigned.

The worst issue with this is having to go though each patch of each MIDI channel and change from the one it was on and back again so the instrument is configured for the project!


I’m afraid, you come across a known issue.

So far, I saw it with devices using virtual ports only (like Cycling '74 MAX, OSC Touch or SSL). When you quit Cubase and start it again, the virtual MIDI Port provides other MIDI Port ID. Therefore it’s other/new device from Cubase point of view, therefore the connection of all Remote Devices becomes lost.

I’m just wondering, this happens also with Fireface 800.