Midi device maps / Roland SR-JV expansion Boards

Does anyone have, or know of, where I might get hold of device maps for the following Roland JV-2080 Expansion Boards :

  1. JV 80-02 Orchestral
  2. JV 80-11 Techno
  3. JV 80-19 House
  4. JV 80-04 Vintage Synth

I would be eternally grateful…

this has all of them all on here , http://www.rivetedstudios.com/component/docman/cat_view/34-cubase-files/35-patch-scripts.html?start=60 you have to convert them to xml files and im sure that the xv -sr-jv80 works ,i made a mistake of fully loading my 2080 and just making one xml file with all expansion included

just in case you can’t remember how to convert them :
here is the easy way to do it :
copy your text file to the following:
Documents and Settings/Your Name/Application Data/Steinberg/Cubase /scripts/patch name/
Put the file in the “Inactive” folder.

Then use the “Install Device”
button of the MIDI device manager in cubase


Cheers John, …worked a treat. Thank you for answering my post.


Much appreciated, John.


your welcome ! :wink: :smiley: