Midi device - Note on/off as shuttle buttons


I recently purchased an Akai MPD26, mainly for use in FL Studio and now I’m setting it up to help me work faster in Cubase.

What I want to do is assign some of my pads (which send note on, aftertouch and then note off) to different shuttle commands. I’ve managed to do that via the Device Setup window, however for some reason, a shuttle button has to be pressed twice to work again.

To make that more clear, if I press PAD1 (assigned to shuttle 1x) and press PAD1 again, it will stop. If I press it again, it will start again which is what you want, right?

However, if I press PAD 1 (shuttle 1x) then PAD2 (assigned to shuttle 2x) and then PAD2 again to stop the shuttling, if I press PAD1 again, it will do nothing. I have to press it twice. In other words it seems to retain it’s “ON” status even after it has been turned off via another pad and thinks I want to turn it “OFF”.

How can I have it so that if I start shuttling with PAD1 and stop shuttling with PAD2, that PAD1 will respond the first time I hit it?

It’s a minor annoyance but it starts to add up after a while.

Also, I wouldn’t mind if they were all momentary. Example: while I hold down PAD1, it shuttles, when I release, it stops. I tried to do this by setting up two new controls. They both refer to the same pad but one listens for midi status “Note on” and the other listens for midi status “Note off” - then I assign both to the same shuttle speed. This does not work; the “Note off” signal doesn’t seem to do anything. (I’ve checked and my MPD IS sending a Note off signal)

Thanks in advance!