MIDI Device Panel: Control two parameters from one knob

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this is my first post on the Steinberg forum and I am hoping somebody might be able to shed some light on my MIDI device problem.

I am trying to control all (available) parameters of my Lexicon MPX 100 effects unit through a custom MIDI device panel. I have had no problem with the first three parameters which respond to regular (single) CC messages. Selecting an effects algorithm on the MPX 100, however, requires sending two MIDI messages in succession. First a Bank Select message (CC32) followed by a Program Change message to choose the bank and then the patch within that bank. The MPX 100 has 16 banks, each with 16 patches, responding to messages 0-15 of Bank Select and Program Change respectively. I would like to map these two parameters to a knob in a device panel. So far I’ve only been able to map one parameter to a knob.

This is also how the MPX 100 Midi Device preset (form the drop down list when creating a new MIDI device) chooses a patch. Each patch stored in this preset always sends a Bank Select message (Bank Select 14 bit) followed by a Program Change message, which works just fine.

Is it possible to map two parameters to a knob in a panel?

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First of all, welcome! :slight_smile:

If you are talking about the MIDI device pannels you can make, then there’s a way to do what you need. Create a parameter and in the transmission assignment select the most appropriate message from the “Multiple Command Messages” folder. I think you need to use “Bank Select 14 bit” or the next one, depending on the byte order.

EDIT: I can’t upload a picture, I’m receiving a message “Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached” :frowning:


Hi Dorremifasol,

thanks for your answer. I tried the “Bank Select 14 bit” but as far as I understand the Program Change message still needs to be sent afterwards. At least that’s how the patch is selected in the cubase preset for the MPX 100. So I need to send both the “Bank Select 14 bit” AND a Program Change message with the movement of one knob.

Any ideas?



Have you tried using the patch bank messages? They consist on a 14 bit bank message followed by a program change. Almost all the default devices use that list of patches to do what you say.

Hi again,

thanks once more for your answer. I have tried the patch bank messages, that’s what I was referring to with the Cubase preset for MPX 100. It is this exactly which I would like to map to a knob in the custom panel. But tbh, I don’t think it’s possible. For now I’ve extended the Cubase MIDI device preset for the MPX 100 with my own panel that controls the remaining three parameters through knobs. That way I can control everything through one midi track in the sequencer, even though the algorithms on the MPX 100 are now selected by the patch drop down menu, while the algorithm parameters are controlled by the knobs in the panel (which are mapped to my midi controller).

I guess it’s pretty good already. I’ve mounted the MPX 100 under my desk to the side using these, since I don’t have to physically access it anymore.

Thanks for your input.