MIDI Device Panel Example / Tutorial

I’m new to Cubase device panels but have a good understanding of MIDI/sysex. I need to figure out how to make this, what seems like a basic panel:

  • Control to select device ID (unique ID for sysex messaging)
  • Button to request the current patch dump. The dump request message is fixed except for device ID byte.
  • Receive patch dump data - about 13 bytes.
  • About 7-8 knobs and buttons that get set from the patch dump data.
  • Store a list of patches in Cubase (my device does not have patch storage onboard)
  • Button to send a selected patch dump to the device
  • Ability to send a stored patch dump while a track is playing

I heave read the documentation but it’s pretty opaque. Where should I look for a basic example or tutorial?

Try looking at cykong.com. The material is pretty old…but considering that Steinberg has done essentially nothing to this part of the program in 10 years, it should still hold up for you. And opaque isn’t the word I’d use for Steiny’s docs on the subject. Obtuse works for me. The cykong site can get you started, but you’re going to go through a ton of trial and error because of all the undocumented functions in this bit of software. Specific sysex strings in particular. It is not a particularly user-friendly area of the program.

What synth are you trying to create a panel for?

Good luck.