Midi Device Panel Snapshots missing in C13

This is a copy of my support ticket, seeing if anyone here has had a similar issue.

Although I purchased the Cubase 13 upgrade some time ago, I have only recently started using it for critical projects.

In my work I use a hybrid setup, I have a reasonable amount of midi synths and for all that accept midi CC, I have built MIDI device panels for. (I have about 10 or 11 so far)

I was impressed that C13 imported all of my panels from C12, however none of my previous snapshots seemed to have copied across, I figured this is just something I would need to fix with a manual copy, I first saved a test snapshot on a few panels and tried to reload them, however no matter what I save, no snapshots are visable in the snapshot section, clicking it doesn’t open the drop down list, saving a snapshot doesn’t then show the snapshot name (as expected) in the snapshot bar.

I went to a few of the snapshot save locations, for example C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 13_64\Presets\MIDI Snapshot Kiwi 3P (and the long hex code), all of my original snapshots are showing, as are the new ones I just created in C13. So the panels are saving the snapshots, they are just not visable to load in the panel.

I am hoping it is just something I need to turn on, all of the panels were built in the correct way to allow snapshots and are still functioning correctly in Cubase 12.

64Bit Win 10 System, Cubase Pro 13.0.41
64GB Ram, RME HDSPe MADI FX, latest driver, iConnectivity MIOXL Latest Driver.



Not sure what you mean by Device Panel “snapshots” … do you mean the visibility of the Device Panels in the Track Inspector? Right-click and select Setup Sections, then Device Panels?


No, these are midi panels to send CC data to external midi devices.

For example this is a panel I made for my SE-1X Synth, in the top left is where you save snapshots, then these can be recalled in different projects like presets. They don’t save with the project so you need to load a snapshot for every synth when you reopen a project, so the snapshots not showing is a real issue.

Ah, OK, I think you’re right, I can’t even create a snapshot, but perhaps I didn’t create the panel with snapshots enabled. I fear Device Panels do not get much love from Steinberg, in fact even the documentation (the “MIDI Devices” PDF) is gone in C13. Sorry I can’t help.

I have created a few panels the wrong way in the past, had to delete and start again, so I feel your pain with that one.
Yeah everything still works as it should in C12, I hope they do sort it as it is a great feature, a lot smoother and simpler than Ctrlr.
Thanks for trying, appreciate it.

When you create a new device there are some snapshot check boxes along with the channel settings and whatnot, so perhaps those settings have not been defined when you installed the device.

Yes, I did wonder if Cubase might have made an error like this when importing the devices in to Cubase 13 from 12. They were built correctly in C12, still work as expected in C12 also.
I got a reply to the support ticket and they have logged it and forwarded it to the developers, so hopefully they will be able to sort it.

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I just hope one day we get proper documentation on using it!

Well done, I think there is a silent minority that still use Device Panels and it would be great to see this feature getting some attention.

@TheScientist Thanks for the report Ollie. Confirmed. Sorry. I’ll look into it.
(Internal reference: CAN-54627)

What about: https://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/documentation/MIDI_Devices_english.pdf ?

@TheScientist In the meantime there’s a workaround: you can recall snapshots from the inspector of a MIDI Track that is assigned to the MIDI Device. If the device uses SysEx, you probably need to set the MIDI Track to “any”-channel.