Midi Device Panels..Anybody still around that can advise?

I know the midi device panel software hasn’t been updated in years but…

The Prologue 16 has 2 layers. Main and Sub. This synth isn’t truly multi-timbral but it has 2 layers. The 2 layers both respond to the global midi channel for Midi Notes, Mod Wheel , Pitch Bend but the 2nd layer’s synth controls, (Filter Cutoff, Resonance etc.) respond to midi channel 2.

I already have the panel for the Main layer working great. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to add controls for the sub layer on Midi Channel 2 and have them appear on the same panel as the main layer. Can anybody shed some light on how to do this? I realize I’ll probably have to start from scratch again but oh well, it will be worth it if it works as I imagine it will.

I’ve made several simple panels for other synths…NordLead2, MS-2000, Slim Phatty, Triton Le, Roland SE-02 all of these work great but they are simple 1 channel panels. I have never made one that needs to have 2 sets of nearly identical controls on different midi channels. The documentation is horrible and confusing. The software is buggy to put it mildly. Been trying and failing for 2 days on and off and this post is my last resort before giving up. So is there anybody still around here using external hardware synths with complex midi device panels. I would be forever in your debt.

I made some panels in the past for several synths. In some cases you need to treat the layer as a separate synth. The Elka Ek-22 I have also has performance mode where you can layer a monophonic sound on top of the polyphonic patches. In my case I made 2 panels for normal and performance mode. How ever complicated it might look? The answer is always in the midi implementation of the manual! And if it’s not there it probably means it’s not implemented and you can’t control this via system exclusive. In that case you can ask Korg if there is or will be an update on firmware that will provide this functionality?

Thanks for the reply. Currently if I want to automate the controls on the Sub Layer I add a midi track pointing at the Prologue but set to midi channel 2. This works perfectly so the midi implementation is there. I just can’t figure out the trick to getting both sets of controls on one panel. I’ve added subnodes and they indeed stick to channel 2 but I can’t get the layout to display the Sub layer’s controls. Damn I wish the documentation was better.

In my case I made 2 panels for normal and performance mode.

Hmmm…2 separate panels? That’s interesting. Do you use them together in the same project? If so, do they use the same midi port? Or do you use one or the other separately depending on what you want to do in that project? I was under the impression that midi devices need to have a dedicated midi port. No sharing. Maybe this has changed?

Thanks again!

Update: I’ve got it working with 2 separate panels. Not ideal but definitely better then running across the room to make a tweak.

Hi Rotund I would really love to see how did you do the Slim Phatty device panel.

Here’s a screen shot. It’s the little orange one. Even have access to some of the advanced menu features like Velocity to Filter Env, The second destination for the LFO, The Filter Slope etc…

Hey Rotund, I have a Slim Phatty also and was wondering you would mind sharing your midi panel.
It would be greatly appreciated and huge time saver.