Midi Device Panels control VSTs?

How can I use these to work with VSTs?

I simply want to create a panel with program change and maybe some others but as of yet haven’t been able to get them to control VSTs (as opposed to external midi channels)


There’s a manual ‘MIDI_Devices’ that comes with the installation of Pro and Artist that describes this. It’s mainly aimed at external gear. However, you might be able to manipulate it so it will send to the midi input of a VSTi. What you describe is basically the creation of an instrument communicating on a predefined midi out port and an attached patchlist.txt file for the list of program change names. Maybe it’s possible but I never tried it myself and only use it for external synths. Also it can be ‘buggy’ sometimes. :wink:

Thanks, has any one done this (and got it working)?