Midi device question regarding Lexicon PCM 96


i have tried to set up a external Lexicon PCM 96 as a midi device in Cubase pro 9 so that I can select the different patches in Cubase, but it doesn´t work. Any ideas which bank change controller i have to use? (32?)
Does anyone have a template to use?




I would say MIDI CC0.

Thanks, but it doesn´t work.

Does this help any?

Because of the large number of potential presets in the PCM96, Preset
Change messages are used along with the Bank Select extension to provide
MIDI preset selection. Controller 32 is used to select the current preset
bank. Controller 32 is sent to the system (to select the desired bank), fol-
lowed by a Preset Change message to select a preset. The Bank values are
“sticky,” meaning the PCM96 will remember the Bank values for each MIDI
channel. It is not necessary to send a Bank change with each Preset Change
unless the Bank has indeed changed


Mono User Presets 0-127
MIDI Bank# 72

Mono User Presets 128-255
MIDI Bank# 73

Stereo User Presets 0-127
MIDI Bank# 74

Stereo User Presets 128-255
MIDI Bank# 75

System User Presets 0-127
MIDI Bank# 76

System User Presets 128-255
MIDI Bank# 77

Hi Weasel!
Thanks for your answer but this doesn´t work. I have tried this.