Midi device scripts wont show up in nuendo?

Hi there,
first post in the Nuendo forum. I hope someone out there has managed to solve my issue. I cannot get my midi device scripts to show up in Nuendo 12. I have copied the relevant files into what i believe to be the correct directory and Nuendo 12 still only shows me the ones which shipped with it. I can open midi devices and try to install my external Roland XV3080 script but it simply does not show up. I had it working fine in cubase before cross grading to Nuendo. In days gone by you would put the scripts in a folder found in the app data folder on the c drive but it seems to not be there now and I could only find it in the main installation folder on my c drive of my windows pc. Hopefully just in the wrong place but I cannot get the scrips that i have put into the folder to show up . Any help or advise would be welcomed.