Midi device Setup w/ Roland Juno G

Hi, I’m pretty new to Cubase 10 Pro (and home recording) coming back from a long break. I am loving it so far. Great Workflow!

I started on a Roland BR 1600 so switching to a DAW has had a bit of a learning curve.

I’ve been able to set up some devices with Cubase: Focusrite Scarlett Solo, Akai MPK Mini, and my Roland FA 08.
These are all working well with occasional glitches that I chalk up to being a beginner.

I have an old Roland Juno G. The screen is bad but I love the sounds!!! These sounds are way better than the FA.

Having said that, I’ve leaned how to add the patch scripts to get the FA sounds in Cubase. I set up the FA via USA in the Midi Devices with the output as the FA. And, the FA patches are being played. Also, my whole output is through the FA.

Now, trying to follow the same process with my Juno G doesn’t work. I’ve added the Juno patches but the Juno connected via USB doesn’t show in the output list. So, I tried connecting via iRig Midi 2. Now this shows in the output list but when selected there is no sound output. Then, I was thinking it was because I don’t have a Juno driver installed. But, the latest driver for Mac was for 10.8. I have Catalina so the 32 bits won’t run. Now I’m stuck. GRRR

All I really care about is the sounds from the Juno. I don’t need another keyboard and the screen is messed up.

How can I get these sounds into Cubase 10 Pro? Could someone help me / explain to me how to get this going from a beginner’s perspective?

Thanks so much!

PS. I hope I explained how I have things going well enough. If not, I can elaborate and try to describe it better.

Hi and welcome,

If I understand right, Juno G has USB. But you cannot use USB, because there is 32-bit driver only, right? I’m wondering, generic USB/MIDI driver ha not been used here? Can you see Juno G as a common output of your MIDI track?

So you have tried to connect via iRig Midi 2 and MIDI cables from iRig Midi 2 to Juno G, right? Try to connect it both ways: In to Out (what is correct) but also In to In, please. Unfortunately some vendors do it the other way around…

Then first try with a common MIDI track and send just MIDI Notes over to Juno G over iRig Midi 2, to test the MIDI path is working.