MIDI devices not showing in Device Manager

I have an Akai MPK249 controller and a Carslbro eDrum kit, which both work to provide MIDI input to virtual instrument tracks. However when I look at MIDI Device Manager, nothing shows up. No devices are listed.

Are you able to provide some more information? What is your operating system and version? What is your sound card and/or MIDI interface? What version of Cubase are you using – is it PRO, LE Artist etc? Was it working previously and then stopped working, or are you only now setting it up for the first time?

There is generic info here about connecting a MIDI device which is for a keyboard but should work for any MIDI inputs:

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Cubase Pro 10.5.20
Windows 10 Pro - Version 22H2 - build 19045.3448
Steinberg UR44
Both MIDI devices seem to work despite me never having done any setup or configuration. I was just curious as to why they do not show up in the MIDI Device Manager window. Both the MPK249 and Carlsbro drum kit are connected to my PC via USB.

The MIDI Port Setup window does show the MPK. However the MIDI Device Manager does not (see previous post).

The MPK is inactive. change it to “Active”

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Do you mean here…?

That is totally ok. Your Akai and drumset will work just fine.
MIDI Devices as per this dialog are to enable you to remotely set up your external gear from within Cubase (MIDI Device Panels) or to make it more comfortable to select patches. I think You would not benefit from setting up an entry for each of your gear so just kindly ignore this part for now.

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Yes, I thought I would see them there but there’s nothing…

As I said - this is optional stuff, mainly for external hardware synthesizers. It is not necessary for a MIDI control keyboard like your Akai. I don’t know how many program presets your drum kit has but if you use less then a dozend it is IMO not worht the hassle of learning how to set up such a MIDI Device (because you have to do that by yourself, all of it).

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