MIDI Devices/Panels Questions - Is there a way to dump my current synths program parameters to my midi device panel?

I was curious if there is a way to do this?

It seems MIDI devices is a bit of a one way road in the sense that it only sends output.

Is there a way to send my synths current program parameter values to my midi device panel, so that I can save it as a preset?

I’m also having trouble understanding the difference between ‘Snapshot’ preset type, and ‘Reference’ preset type.


Preset References can only hold the preset name and the bank select/program change numbers. Snapshots can additionally contain parameter data. So you can for instance store the complete patch data in these and send it to the temporary memory of the midi device.

For your other question. If you use snapshots yes. theoretically you could get your synth to dump all patch data to a snapshot. If so it should be mentioned in the midi implementation of your synths manual and how you can trigger that. The best way to find out how to do this is to take a look at an instrument panel of maybe another synth that already has this functionality and try to figure out how to this for your synth. There are several sites on the net that let you download pre-configured panels for this purpose. Just do a Google search on synth name and Cubase device panels.

Thanks, it’s a Nord Wave. I’ve never been able to find a panel for the Nord Wave.

There’s something in the Nord Manual:

‘MIDI Dump One
Press Store to transmit the currently active Program as a Sysex Dump’

It doesn’t really offer any details though. And what exactly in Cubase do I dump this to?

Forget about it! Nord is the worst when it comes to midi implementation! You need HEX addresses for this to make it work. And Nord has a habit of not sharing this. However, there’s still a way to extract these if you record the dump on a midi track in Cubase after you press the ‘store’ button. You can then open the list editor and see how the dump is build? But frankly, it’s really a bridge too far to exactly explain here how to read this and implement it in a midi device panel.

Your best bet is to make a patch list so you can send program changes (without parameter data) and make a panel that controls CC’s to manipulate various parameters.

Thanks man, you seem you mght also have an answer to this - is there a way to automate the midi device panel controls that I make? I can’t figure out where or how, there is no write/reaad function on the device panels themselves and doing it on the track doesn’ work

Sorry for delay. As far as I know there’s no way to automate this. Device panels is a rather old technology that has never been developed further after Cubase VST32 (around 2002). So it will miss a lot of functionality found in today’s Cubase elsewhere. Besides this it’s rather ‘buggy’ and unpredictable sometimes. It can be useful to control some Sysex stuff of external devices but besides that I really don’t use it for much else nowadays. External midi controllers is more or less replacement for this.

Thanks, figured it was another one of those spaces in Cubase that is frozen in time by a decade. I was thinking it would have been a good way to setup automation of external devices but seeing as it doesn’t feature automation… I guess not.

Is there a way to create CC Maps in Cubase like one could with Drum Maps so that the CC automation values are named properly for what they are controlling?

No. Because it wouldn’t make any sense to do so because fixed CC’s like volume, pitch bend and modulation are already known and the other CC’s are freely assignable to whatever purpose you choose. You can assign those per device via quick controls for instance.

But there’s no way to map out my entire nord wave CC message list as a preset I can load in on a midi track to quickly see and be able to draw in the correct control?

I am very interested in this thread also. Having red all of that I came to the question - is there any way to manually rename MIDI CCs on a track with external hardware synth? Or it would be nice to add note field next to midi cc parameter so users can quickly put some notes.
What I am doing now is making stickers on a synth knobs with midi cc numbers) but it is awkward in 21-st century)