MIDI Devices Setup

A few days ago I downloaded Cubase 8 Pro Trial version for Windows.

While I find the program to be solidly built and well thought-out so far - making it, as I anticipated, superior to my previous DAW from many points of view – I have a problem with one thing: the MIDI Devices setup procedure.

I own a Kurzweil K2600X, which is full to its capacity of 1000 patches. With my previous audio program, set-up was simple: I had a small utility tool which in about 2-3 minutes retrieved the whole list of patches from my keyboard and generated a file (.ins) that I had then to import into the program. Once that file was imported, you could easily use any channel, any bank, and any of the 1000 patches in the keyboard.

My questions are:

  • How do you generate the 1000-patch-list with all the necessary parameters so that you can trigger patch changes from within the DAW?
  • Where can I find values for “MIDI Message Name” or “MIDI Message Bytes”?
  • If I make a mistake, how can I delete a folder or a preset under “Patch Banks”?

I found a file on the internet (K2600.txt) and I imported it in Cubase. It shows up properly and it works for a few patches (which I was able to rename), but it has very few instruments, which are organized in a different way than I want them to be and I cannot customize it (more than changing a few names) because, to tell you the truth, I am not a programmer. I tried to find solutions in the Cubase Manual as well as in the MIDI Devices.pdf, but, between the .txt files and .xml files, I found both pretty unclear regarding my problem.

This situation is pretty unpleasant, because I like Cubase otherwise and I would like to switch to it, but communicating properly and easily with the Kurzweil keyboard is very important to me. I hope there is a way out; please advise.

Have you had a look at the K2000vx Device in the MIDI Device Manager? Once you install it, use the drop down menu at the top to select patches. There are 1000 patches there, but I don’t know how it corresponds to your unit.

Thanks, SteveInChicago. I have to rename all 1000 patches, but that’s ok.