Midi devise manager files

Cubase 8.5 pro on pc with 2i2 audio interface.

Quick question which is probably a simple fix
In the midi device manager there is nothing for my tr-08s .
What sort of file will it be and where should i be looking for it realistically as Roland websites are pretty sparse of information at the best of times.

thanks for your help.

:warning: searching "cubase midi device manager" "TR-8s" seemed to return malware infested or non-existing websites

Files containing patch informations are stored as .txt usually in this location:
%appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 8_64\Scripts\Patchnames\inactive
(Your actual Cubase folder might have a different name, so insert this into your File Explorer and browse manually afterwards: %appdata%\Steinberg)

Chances of finding a file for your TR-08 are slim but you can always create your own. However, the editor of the MIDI Device Manager is not user friendly and creating such a file takes a lot of time. The Manager has its own manual, check it out.

If you have money, maybe these guys are still in business and can create the device for you:

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