Midi does playback but does not export to audio

I have a K2000 connected which records and plays back music just fine in Cubase 5. When I want to export the project to audio however, it does not include the K2000 track(s). Any tips on what I am doing wrong?

The K2000 is connected via a M-Audio 2x2 to my PC. I use an M-Audio Audiophile USB to interface with me Yamaha Promix 01 and audio instruments where also the audio output of the K2000 is connected to.

Did you try Realtime Export?

I did now but the audio signal of Midi does not come along. Neither do I get a signal from my headphones via my Promix of the K2000 (I do get for instance the HALionOne sound come along jus fine). When I play over my speakers, everything plays back fine (including the K2000).

What’s the selected output of the Export Window? Screenshot of same?

So you already recorded the output of the k2000 in cubase before you try to export?
If not, try doing that first. Record the output of the k2000 to an audio track and then export the whole thing (with the midi channels that control the k2000 muted just to be sure.)

Solved. I played around with the External Devices set up, changed the inputs and now it works.
Screenshot export.jpg

Got exactly the same issue - will head for the devices setup tonight & report back!